Our teaching philosophy embraces the core values of holistic education nurturing the broad development of students—intellectual, emotional, social, physical, creative, intuitive, aesthetic and spiritual potentials. We see our learners as whole human beings.

Our learning environment is one where learners are actively engaged, supported and challenged. We promote an open and collaborate relationship with an emphasis on learning beyond the classroom towards education as growth, discovery, empowerment and a broadening of horizons.

Learning should be enchanting, inviting and nurture a sense of wonder.

Through literature and writing, we challenge our students to critically examine the cultural, moral and political contexts of their lives towards engaging with the world in meaningful ways and fostering change.

Holistic education inspires an intrinsic reverence for life and a passionate love of learning. We employ principles and practices that integrate the mind, the heart, and the spirit of our learners with a strong academic focus.