“The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the thresholds of your own mind.” — Khalil Gibran



My son has been learning with Dr. Anar for two years. He has made tremendous progress in both close reading and essay composition. His achievement in English study helped him build up confidence in this new country and in the top private school. Anar is expressively eloquent, smartly thoughtful and professionally ethical. She is kind, patient, yet strict and down to the point. She has developed an efficient methodology to help kids write. As an English literature lover myself, I took the opportunity to read her assignments and recommended readings to my son, I couldn’t admire more of her taste and width in the selection of writing. She really knows her field well.
Grace Gao, Mother of Grade 10 Student

I have been a student of Anar’s for some time, but every class I always learn something new. She is an extremely passionate educator, with a sincere love of literature that she tries her best to share with her students. She has a clear plan for every student, and delivers it in a personable fashion. She picks the most interesting pieces to work with, and takes her student’s work as the highest priority (even when she was working on her PhD). She can teach structure, philosophy, the way to think, good habits, and more all at the same time. Her ability to educate is truly remarkable, and my respect for her is unspeakably high. Anar always puts 100 percent into her teaching, and is understanding and considerate, along with keen and responsible. She guides students with how to think and how to express their ideas, and on the way, one can always rely on her to teach them something new about humanity once in a while. It is almost impossible to explain the enormity of her love and skill for her work.
Henry Shi, Grade 9 Student

I began taking classes a couple years ago with Anar simply hoping to improve my grades. However, under her guidance, I have not only been able to succeed in school, but also discover passions and deeply explore aspects of literature, philosophy, and culture that are found beyond the borders of standardized education. Although strict on grammar and other technicalities of the English language, Anar’s teaching methods more greatly emphasize the student’s ability to examine the conceptual and abstract elements of writing, an imperative skill that is highly applicable to all facets of life and learning. Anar’s endless creativity, incredible curation of knowledge, and love for teaching have given me the opportunity to both cultivate a genuine curiosity for literature, as well as gain deep-rooted skills of critical thinking, synthesizing, and reflection.
Christina Xie, Cornell University

English isn’t my first language, and I’ve always struggled in writing, especially with essays. Anar helped me overcome this barrier with efficient strategies to write essays and further explore the themes and ideas present in other works of literature. And with that, I’ve also scored the highest in my school in my English Provincial exams. What I love about her lessons is how much she truly loves what she teaches and tries to have her students share the same passion for the language arts as she does.
Kathy Chan, Grade 12 Student

I started having lessons with Anar since last year, and unlike other private teachers I have had, Anar is extraordinary. Anar is a great educator, and she contributes 100% effort to all of her students. She has a clear plan, and instructs her students in a unique way that not only helps the students to understand the problem, but also to reflect. Without Anar, I could never achieve the success today. With Anar, my writing skills improved enormously, and I scored nearly perfect on the final exam. I also successfully adapted to the IB program, and finally jumped out of the ESL program. Not only does she teach her student academically, Anar also educates her students’ way beyond that. She also teaches her students philosophically, which is something a person cannot learn in school.
MingYu An, Grade 10 Student

Anar’s guidance has helped me make leaps and bounds in English writing. She methodically taught me how to organize disconnected ideas into solid support for an essay; she passionately encourages me to express my thoughts in a poetic way; she also inspires me to contemplate the theme and deeper meaning of every reading. Anar is truly amazing. She opens the door of language arts for her students to explore.
Henry Hu, Grade 11 Student

School English is very different from English is what I have found. After going to Anar, the door to literature, poetry, and different genres of writing have been opened for me. She has exposed us to the full diversity and richness of the English language. With Anar, I have learned that the five-paragraph essay is not the sole definition of English, and that even to write one there are still many different ways to do it. I used to be a very slow writer. Now I feel confident writing in class essays and ideas, examples and connections come to me much faster. Therefore, Anar has not only helped me see English through different eyes she has also improved my mark in school, and my confidence as a writer. Anar teaches with a vibrant energy, and shares her passion for English with her students.
Jack Shi, University of Cambridge

Seven years ago, I struggled and feared to have to do anything related to writing. Meeting and learning with Anar helped to make that fear disappear, as she walked me through the process of writing. She also introduced me to many works of literature – poetry, short stories, music, and autobiographies – that helped to kindle a passion for the arts in me. Through her distinctive methods of teaching, Anar was able to lift me to reach achievements that went beyond the limitations of a high school English class. I have become more confident in my writing ability and have challenged myself to take difficult writing courses in university. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to learn with her and to be able to flourish under her guidance.
Olivia Lau, The University of British Columbia

Other than a teacher, I would also like to describe Anar as an inspirational instructor. She does not teach straight rules, but rather, provides a variety of literatures and techniques so that she could discover which way of learning fits each student the best. Her class is truly an eye opening experience, as what is learnt in her class can never be obtained in school. She leads us to realize our own individual understanding of literature and poetry, and teaches us how to best convey our ideas through writing. Through completing several semesters, my essay writing skills, school grade, and understanding of poetry and classics have all improved dramatically. Anar has truly shown me an entire new portal of understanding literature.
Winnie Guo, Cornell University

Anar is very patient, resourceful, and organized. More importantly, her teaching style is different from any other teacher I have met. She has her own system of teaching but very flexible so it suits all students with different levels of writing skill. Anar also presents amazing articles, essays, poem, writers, poets and other literature to students each class that broadens students’ knowledge and interest. I become much more confident with deep and in-class writing after learning writing with Anar and became one of the top English students in my class during my last year of high school.
Ashley Zhang, University College London

Anar is an amazing teacher. My eldest daughter learned with her for two years and was successfully admitted by Cornell University this year. Anar teaches the students not only English, but also the critical thinking, and understanding about English Literature. We are so lucky to have Anar. Last year, my second daughter started learning with Anar, and she has already made much improvement. Passion is very important and Anar has so much of this!
Sharon Yu, Mother of Grade 7 and Grade 12 Student