Pearl Learning curriculum offers a path to discovery, expression, interpretation, beauty, creativity and understanding with a keen belief in the power of words to show and build resiliency of the human spirit.

Teaching and reading materials are carefully selected and crafted for each student. I aim to challenge and inspire by systematically working above the grade in reaching a higher level of comprehension, understanding and analysis of literature. Through teaching annotation tools and methods students learn to engage meaningfully and critically with texts. 

To be a great writer, one must be a great reader

I incorporate short stories, novels, poetry, philosophical writing, speeches and narratives from authors that have diverse histories, values, beliefs, faiths, cultural backgrounds and perspectives. By doing so, I employ a multicultural approach to education where literature broadens and deepens our understanding of the pluralistic human experience.

I hope to spark self-discovery while fostering the values of empathy, peace, tolerance and compassion.