English Language Education

Pearl Learning guides its learners to unleash their greatest potential in English writing through innovative teaching, engaging resources and strategic methods.

Students ranging from ages 9 to 19 participate in specialized individual and intimate group classes in:

  • Academic writing methodology: paragraph responses, expository essay, synthesis writing, reflection and research papers, persuasive and speech writing 
  • Deep reading, critical thinking, analysis techniques  
  • Preparedness for SAT, SSAT, ACT, AP, IB, Provincial Literacy Exams and writing on demand
  • Creative writing, narrative, poetry and portfolio preparation 
  • University preparation and application essays 
  • English as a second language learning with academic focus 

The Goals of Pearl Private Instruction

Pearl Learning provides strategic writing instruction and teaches a methodology focused on achieving success in all academic English tasks across the curriculum.


Produce relevant, timely lesson plans centered on learning outcomes


Build confidence and proficiency with writing, thinking, speaking and reading


Foster a keen appreciation for diverse literature and the nuances of language


Create an inclusive environment promoting curiosity, dialogue and questioning


Support students in the development of their own unique creative voices

Critical Thinking

Promote critical thinking and scholarly engagement


Perform regular assessments throughout the learning journey

Goal Setting

Actively work with each student towards reaching high and fulfilling their respective goals

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