We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.

~ Galileo Galilei


About Pearl Learning

Pearl learning guides its learners to unleash their greatest potential in English writing through innovative teaching resources and strategic instruction.

We offer customized individual and group classes in:

- English as a Second Language

- SAT, LPI, TOEFL, AP, Provincial Exams

- Critical Thinking and Reading

- Academic, Creative and Business Writing

Goals of Pearl Private Instruction

- Identify student’s area(s) of concern

- Guide students in reaching a higher level of competence in English and the Language Arts

- Assist students in becoming active in the learning process and provide learners with an inclusive supportive environment

- Provide strategic writing instruction and innovative methods with a focus on writing on demand and exam preparation

- Utilize engaging and exciting teaching resources in the spirit of multicultural education

- Work in alignment with the school curriculum and produce relevant lesson plans

- Teach tools which cultivates critical thinking abilities

- Give opportunities for students to develop their own creativity and writing voice

- Actively work with the student to reach their desired goals and instill confidence

- Perform regular assessments to monitor students progress

- Assist students in becoming independent learners and provide time for dialogue

- Create the foundation for life-long learning and instill an appreciation for literature