“Teaching requires intention, imagination and intuition. One cannot only hope to spark the mind, but the heart and in some way, the soul. When all three are engaged in both teacher and student is when teaching becomes an act of beauty.”

— Dr. Anar Rajabali



With fifteen years of experience in English language education and instruction, Anar brings expert knowledge to each and every one of her students. With dynamic teaching and an innovative methodology of writing instruction, she inspires excellence in her learners. As a researcher in literacy education, her own passion and reverence for the written word guide and illuminate a diverse curriculum rich with multicultural texts speaking to the breadth of human experience.

Anar utilizes her platform of teaching English as a way of expanding not only the mind but also the creative heart. Over the years, her students have reached and also surpassed their own academic goals in the language arts. Many of them continue to pursue their talents, publishing works from essays to poetry and finding avenues to explore their own writing voice in meaningful ways. Most importantly, they have found confidence in engaging in a world where English is the global language.

As well as founder and head educator at Pearl Learning, Anar is a writer and a scholar with a PhD in Language and Literacy Education from The University of British Columbia. Her research continues to explore how contemplative encounters nurture spiritual literacy where purposeful engagement in creative practices is a rich gateway to holistic learning. Her research is perpetually inspired by her own teaching and learning.